Guitarreria Alberto Martín Ramos

                      Biography of the Luthier Alberto Martín Ramos.

        I was born the 26th of August of 1977, in the city of Marbella, I started my guitar studies at the age of 12 years old, in the same city, with the help of a friend.

       But soon I realized that what really atracted me of the guitar, wasn´t playing it, it was sound, and shape instead, so somehow the idea of building my own guitar came to my mind.

        From there on, I started a marvellous, and hard adventure that lasts till today.

        Quite young, and without any guitar making masters around my area, the closest way that I found to reach my goals was starting to work in a Cabinet Making workshop close to where I live, were throught after the years I learn the skills of woodworking.

       Afterwards, years after with a bit more of posibilities I am able to meet,and study with Great Masters like: Jose Luis Romanillos, Carlos Gonzalez, Charles Besnainou, and a few others...

      Actually I have my own workshop since 2007, were I build both Spanish Guitars ( Nylon strings) , and Acustic Guitars ( Steel strings).

      My Guitars are based on my own designed templates, and others historycal makers, like a original Antonio de Torres template, for one of my Spanish guitar model, and a Gibson OO, from the year 1932, for one of my Acoustic guitar models.



Tel. + 34 620 14 77 51


                    Calle Juan Breva Nº11

                    Marbella         Málaga  

                            C.P. 29061